Tipografi Kinetik Pada Judul Film Pemenang FFI Kategori Animasi Tahun 2013-2018


  • Wahju Tri Widadijo




Kinetic Typography Film Title, Animation, FFI (Indonesia Film Festival)


Kinetic typography is widely applied to media such as Film Title,
Television Program Title, presentation media, motion graphic media,
and others. Motion design elements added to the kinetic typography
design can strengthen the character of letters, strengthen the
meaning of the message, give more emphasis and intonation, and
add aesthetic value. This article explores the analysis of the use of
kinetic typography in 6 (six) research samples of the winners of the
Animation Category of Indonesia Film Festival - FFI (2013 - 2018).
The study was conducted referring to the temporal typographic
classification model developed by Barbara Brownie (2007). Where
in general kinetic typography is divided into two types, namely Type
in Motion and Fluid Typography. Type in Motion itself is divided
into Scrolling Typography and Dynamic Layout. The research
method used is descriptive qualitative. This research was identifying
and describing the use of kinetic typography types in the film title. As
a result, 2 (two) samples have not used kinetic typography optimally
(F2 and F4), 2 (two) samples use Scrolling Typography (F1 and F3),
1 (one) sample uses Fluid Typography (F5), and 1 (one) sample uses
Dynamic Layout (F6).