Perancangan Zine Sebagai Media Kampanye Sosial Peduli Pilpres 2019 Untuk Pemilih Pemula (Generasi Z)


  • Lily Elserisa



Novice Voters, Social Campaign, Zine


The concern of novice voters in the Indonesian Presidential Elections
2019 was declining due to bad political problems. This made them
politically apathetic. Many social campaigns have tried to voice this,
but have not yet had an impact because they are buried by the swift
flow of information in digital media. The campaigns also do not yet
have a message and media selection strategies that are close to the
novice voters which is part of generation z. The author carries out this
design using the Design Thinking method from Tim Brown (2009). In
this design, the author creates visual communication for a social
campaign. The verbal and visual message strategies adapted from
Lakoff and Johnson's metaphor theory (2003). In selecting media, the
author considering generation z and digital theory from Stillman
(2017). That theory supported by the concept of media synergy from
Djito Kasilo (2008). Those strategies are applied in e-zines and
printed zine so the message of the social campaign can be accepted by
novice voters in real and virtual spaces.