Parodi Desain Kaos Kamengski Sebagai Gaya Hidup


  • Marsha Audra Hernandya College Student



Design, Parody, Life Style


T-shirts have become a timeless type of clothing. Over the years, tshirts have experienced development which is evidenced by the
changing of its form, design, and also function. Moreover, the
significant increase in consumption level has been accompanied by
the growth in the needs of t-shirt production. With these increased
needs, the t-shirt industry is becoming a competitive business for the
manufacturers to produce a wide range of types and designs that can
captivate consumers' interests. One of the strategies is by using
parody elements.
One of the uses of parody designs that attracts attention is
Kamengski's work. Besides the success of bringing parody to each of
his design works, Kamengski often received pros and cons. Apart
from being able to identify the market gaps and being creative in the
existing limitations, the use of parody on Kamengski shirts design is
considered as an act of plagiarism and deemed irresponsible.
Beyond all of the pros and cons, the use of parody in t-shirts
designing can not be denied has become a part of the social lifestyle.
This article will discuss the use of parody on t-shirt designs as a
lifestyle, with a case study of Kamengski t-shirts.