Perancangan Infografis Denah Kampung Ngadinegaran, Yogyakarta


  • Donna Carollina
  • Farhan



Infographic, Design, Ngadinegaran village


Ngadinegaran village is a location for approximately fifteen
homestays for tourists. Although these tourists have used the Google
Maps application, it's often mistakes in the way to finding the
location of the homestay to go. This reality is supported by the
results of a questionnaire of one hundred tourists who stay at a
homestay in Ngadinegaran village. Whereas they mentioned the need
for an infographic to make it easier for them to find the location of
the homestay. Thus the infographic design for Ngadinegaran village
is the solution to the problems faced and becomes the main focus for
community service activities to be carried out.